Four Basic Components Of A Properly Written Doctoral Thesis In Nursing

A doctoral thesis is one of the highest scrutinized academic documents. The expectations are high considering that you write the paper at the highest academic level. It will be placed in the library for reference purposes. It will also be reviewed by students and academicians around the world. As such, it must meet the highest standards.

  1. Proper Structure
  2. There is a format for writing any academic paper. Generally, the format involves sections like the title, abstract, acknowledgment, table of content, literature review, discussion, data presentation, references, etc. Each of these sections contains unique information. By adhering to this structure, a reader is able to concentrate on the content. The likelihood of confusion is reduced since one can jump straight to a chapter and find the information he or she expected.

    To ensure that you stick to the recommended structure, it is advisable that you get an example of doctoral thesis in nursing. The example allows you to imitate and thus produce a similarly structured paper. You may also request for a template from your supervisor or committee. A template provides the frame you will use. Your focus thus becomes searching for the right content.

  3. Consistent Formatting
  4. Instructions on formatting are determined by the discipline of study and requirements by your department. The most common formatting options are APA and MLA. A properly written paper sticks to one formatting style and is consistent to the end. Using a different style leads to confusion.

    Beyond the choice of one style, you are required to understand the requirements of this style. Pay attention to the margins, citations, cover page, numbering, spacing, referencing, etc. In most cases, the department will issue slight alterations on the universal style. Such instructions must be adhered to without violating the principal formatting rules.

  5. Fresh Facts
  6. A doctoral thesis is an opportunity to make your contribution in academia. Besides making reference of the works of other people, you must introduce new ideas to nursing. It is these ideas that will differentiate your work from that of other people. Research widely and develop transformational concepts that are captivating to readers.

  7. Proper Editing
  8. Errors dilute the strength of your arguments. In other instances, they distort your ideas causing them to mislead the reader. This can be avoided by reviewing the paper and getting rid of all mistakes therein. There is a leeway to hire an editor who provides a third eye view of your work.

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