A List Of Inspiring Thesis Topics On Business Administration

Millions of papers have been written on different aspects of business administration. This presents a challenge when selecting a topic for your BA thesis. You run the risk of repeating an issue that has already been tackled. It is not all doom when selecting a fresh and captivating topic. There various sources that will provide thoughtful and inspiring topics for your paper.

  • Business News – news are about current events. They cover present day concerns and are therefore relevant to the business world. Identify issues of concern for the business fraternity and evaluate them through your paper. You are guaranteed fresh and relevant issues from news items.
  • Passion- this is considered top among the sources of inspiring topics. Your passion enables you to make a contribution to the world of academia. It is easy to research in an area you are passionate about. You may also look through your past term papers or essays and pick one that you wish to explore further.
  • Consult your supervisor- supervisors have a better grip of the issues in your field. They have the mandate of providing directions including when selecting a study topic. They also understand your strengths and weaknesses and are thus better poised to direct you.

An inspiring thesis is one that captures fresh ideas and is unique. Such a paper covers relevant business administration issues and is factual. Here are some of the topics to consider when you are going to write my thesis on business administration.

  1. Who is the leader of a multinational organization?
  2. Surviving a scandal through information management
  3. Enhancing productivity in social media infiltrated work places
  4. Building lasting management structures in an increasingly fluid work environment
  5. Managing transition from family business to a public entity
  6. Disciplining family members in family owned businesses
  7. Labor management in an era of open revenue declaration
  8. Designing competitive packages to wade off poaching without over compensation
  9. Managing employees of diverse generations
  10. The best way to reward self improvement
  11. Will outsourcing take away future innovation potential for your organization?
  12. The place of e-commerce in operation cost reduction
  13. Job satisfaction and its connection to emotional intelligence
  14. Organizational growth and corporate planning
  15. What is the impact of CSR activities on public perception and employee motivation?
  16. Managing the uncertainty and tension surrounding mergers and acquisitions
  17. Employee welfare organizations and their impact on productivity

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