Intriguing Dissertation Topics On Business Law To Write About

While Business Law tends to focus on past narratives to make judgements about current business practices, the most intriguing dissertation topics use attempt to answer present-day questions. Here are ten topics that are sure to raise the ear of the panel by way of their relevancy.

  1. Analyze whether the cy-pres doctrine or Uniform Trust Code should or should not be applied to cases in which business are involved. Focus on cases in the past in which these related doctrines could have better amended the terms of the testator, and be sure to answer why noncharitable beneficiaries have been left outside of the doctrines in the first place.
  2. Argue that the ruling in the controversial 1988 Alabama real estate case Harrison v Gibson was proper or faulty.
  3. Argue whether or not judicial review is too strong in the context of business. If so, give examples of historical business law cases in which the Supreme Court (or international equivalent) showed signs of hypocrisy or ruled against well defined past laws.
  4. Ask and argue whether or not the resulting trust has a place in the modern world. With increasingly ubiquitous communication and documentation technology, does the existence of the concept of a resulting trust allow for corruption to arise in noncharitable business-oriented cases?
  5. Analyze modern anti-corruption law and argue whether or not it has any holes, both logically and in practice. Be well read in arguments both for and against your thesis, and offer possible amendments if you’re prepared to argue them well.
  6. Argue whether or not environmental law is enforced properly. No matter what your stance on this matter is, be sure to not bring in your personal views of whether environmental law is worth its inefficiencies.
  7. Look at the outsider rights protection legislation for different countries and states, with specific reference to Delaware, Oregon, and the UK. Argue which system works the best, or offer your own amalgamation of the different systems. Critique faulty systems with reference to specific historical cases.
  8. When should the corporate veil be pierced? In the globalized era, corporations are more likely to commit well documented abuses of Human Rights or related crimes. With reference to specific cases, when was the veil pierced effectively and when did it incriminate people wrongly?
  9. Are the European Union’s competition laws effective? If not, how should they be resolved? Have specific reference to both statistics and case studies.
  10. Is the banker-customer relationship as efficient as it could be in the modern age? How could changes in legislation affect this?

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