A List Of 14 Challenging Master Thesis Topics In Social Work

Social work by definition is the act of work carried out by trained professionals to help alleviate the situation of those in need, and those topics each deserve a topic and thesis of their own to give it the credit it deserves and allow for a better understanding of it. So today I will be sharing some topics for your research paper or dissertation in social work.

  • Topic 1: Education
  • When choosing this topic, you discuss why and how important education is important for the future and success of a country. You would also have to go in depth on the educational system and ways how it would improve the current standing of the world.

  • Topic 2: Health services
  • Choosing this topic would require some immersion to fully get a feel for the situation.

  • Topic 3: Overseas workers
  • If you are planning to choose this topic to make sure that you are updated with the happening in the country the subject has migrated to.

  • Topic 4: Poverty
  • To those who would choose this topic would need to enumerate suggestions on how to eliminate or cut down the problem significantly.

  • Topic 5: Psychology
  • Choosing this topic would not limit you to the medical field but to every form of work as well, thus giving you a variety of result and data.

  • Topic 6: Immersion
  • This would require a more hand on approach. The beauty in this is that you get to see and feel how it is like to be in their shoes a sample for this would be volunteer works for hospitals of shelters.

  • Topic 7: Shelters
  • If you are to choose this topic you can do an interview of the personnel’s inside about their job or maybe interview the inhabitants.

  • Topic 8: Caregivers
  • As mentioned in the previous statement an interview of this people would be the best course of action before you get work started.

  • Topic 9: Child abuse social workers
  • On a personal note, it is best to get the side of the child and the volunteers doing said work to get better data.

  • Topic 10: Missionary work
  • When choosing this topic, it would be best to conduct research on what motivates or drives them to go such lengths

  • Topic 11: Home for the aged
  • For this topic go with the hands on approach and head to a nearby home for aged and give an interview to get the point of view from the employees and the elderly.

  • Topic 12: Food relief operations
  • Choosing this topic to require research and time to go through an interview with some NGO or officials to get the best possible result

  • Topic 13: Client satisfaction
  • This is an interview type of paper, and your data will revolve around how to improve or maintain the high standards of certain works.

  • Topic 14: Innovate
  • Innovating social work is a challenge in itself and it up to you to find ways on how to improve or upgrade a field, but that is entirely up to you. Just know that this the most taxing of the topic and will require many hours of time being devoted to its completion.

And there we have a list of credible topics for your social work thesis. Despite this long list, there is much more topics out there and I hope that this will serve as your guide or give you inspiration for the creation of you paper. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor.

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