A Handful Of The Most Amazing PhD Thesis Topics In Medicine

Before picking a topic for your PhD thesis, a few points need to be understood. A topic is not just a statement to headline your paper. It provides directions for research. The top should be relevant to your discipline and focus on an area you are interested in. Make the topic as specific as possible without being too narrow. Further, the topic should be interesting to read. It needs to generate interest or make the reader more curious about the paper.

Where Do You Find Fresh Topics?

  • Recommendations
  • Authors recommend areas where they feel that little research has been done. These recommendations can be found at the end of journals, articles, papers and books, among other academic materials. Use these hints to get an idea.

  • Work With Your Committee
  • The committee is selected to aid you in the writing process. Part of the help you will get is how to identify and select the best topic. The members may also offer suggestions based on their evaluation of your weaknesses and strengths.

  • What is the Latest?
  • Watch news items, read magazines, articles and current findings in medicine. Spot the issue raising a lot of storm in your sector. This is the perfect issue for a PhD thesis. It gives you an idea of hot or current issues that need scholarly attention.

  • Consider You Passion
  • A PhD thesis is a thoroughly involving endeavor. It will take a lot of time and resources. It also tests your resilience when under pressure. However, with a topic that is of interest, you will easily deal with fatigue arising out of extensive work.

Here are Topics to Consider in Medicine

  1. Foreseeable Traumatic Brain Injury is ignored because of the money sports bring to companies
  2. Steroids are good if not misused
  3. It is time the world embraced oriental medicine
  4. Physical therapy as the magic cure against a range of diseases
  5. It is cheaper to focus on prevention than treatment
  6. There are no lifestyle diseases, only unhealthy foods
  7. How much walking will make the city safe?
  8. Health monitoring technology as the next big thing
  9. Manipulation of vaccines by multinationals in third world countries
  10. When the safety of drugs remains a secret of the manufacturer
  11. When technology exposes people to dangers: A study of rising cancer cases
  12. An educated mother brings up a healthier child

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